CAPE CALIFORNIA California Association for Private Events (CAPE) is fighting to save the events industry in California. From weddings to galas and other private events, our industry has been disproportionately affected by the COVID pandemic. LEARN MORE

CAPE California

We were the first to close and will be the last to reopen, which means we need to fight for our industry to stay afloat. Unfortunately there was not an organization specifically dedicated to supporting the unique challenges of the private events industry – so we banded together to create one. We are currently focused on the re-opening efforts for events in California and will also support additional initiatives as our industry faces them.

The Problem
We Need Change

Locally, each county task force has drafted and submitted guidelines for safe reopening through their County reopening teams and County Public Health Officers, who in turn have submitted them to the California Department of Public Health, which is where they currently sit.


Unfortunately we are in a chicken and egg situation. We need the State of California to release event guidelines or allow a county variance to allow for gatherings. The problem is that events are not even a dropdown industry on the state’s industry list. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE!!!

In order for us to make substantial change we need to lobby at the local and state level

The funds raised here will go to support legal and lobbying efforts to get events reopened for California.  We have set-up a 501c6 to engage a lobbyist and have a lobbyist ready to fight for us at the local and state levels.  Every dollar raised will go directly to these efforts.  

We have a tiered approach where we are pushing to first allow events to take place under the currently approved guidelines (i.e. restaurants, religious ceremonies etc.) and then focus on opening larger events.


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