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To all CAPE Members and Event Professionals

The California Association of Private Events, CAPE is an association born out of necessity and desperation. The effects of California Health orders during the initial stages of the pandemic were devastating to our industry. As we reached out for help, we quickly realized that there was not an event industry association with the focus of lobbying our lawmakers and regulators. As we all fought to keep our businesses afloat, CAPE was formed with the singular goal of getting our business recognized on the blueprint for reopening. During the past 18 months we have been able to form political relationships, and create a process for fighting for what we need as an industry. This foundation will be incredibly helpful for our future.

As our industry reopened, our priorities as operators has shifted. Although business volume has bounced back we have a new set of challenges. We now struggle daily with lack of labor, inflation, supply chain issues, and never ending surprises. Our association is filled with event professionals drowning in daily workload. This is why for the latter part of 2021 the association has paused activity and delayed any further dues collections.

However, we still feel strongly about the need to have regular government representation and lobbying efforts. Our lawmakers gave us some breathing room this past year. Unfortunately we know that right around the corner are a slew of laws and regulations that will hurt our recovery and long term sustainability. Without a voice in Sacramento, we risk being negatively impacted in a variety of ways. Although the threat is not as immediate as the needs of our clients this weekend, we must invest in our long term political protection. To return to the same lack of representation would be foolish for all of us. This is why CAPE will continue to exist and thrive into the future.

In early 2022 we will “reboot” the association. We will present our long term strategic plan for regular lobbying at the state level. In addition, we plan to execute quarterly professional development targeted for executive and “C-level” employees. At that time we hope we can count on you to support the association with dues and industry level leadership. The primary commitment we need is financial, so that we can hire a top lobbying firm to represent us. We need you and your business to fund these long term strategic efforts. Other commitments will be the need for Executive Board and regional leaders. None of these will require large time commitments. Your participation will be primarily used to provide direction and leadership for our lobby firm.

Thanks for your support over the past 2 years. We look forward to re-engaging with you next year.


CAPE California

We were the first to close and will be the last to reopen, which means we need to fight for our industry to stay afloat. Unfortunately there was not an organization specifically dedicated to supporting the unique challenges of the private events industry – so we banded together to create one. We are currently focused on the re-opening efforts for events in California and will also support additional initiatives as our industry faces them.

The Problem
We Need Change

Locally, each county task force has drafted and submitted guidelines for safe reopening through their County reopening teams and County Public Health Officers, who in turn have submitted them to the California Department of Public Health, which is where they currently sit.


Unfortunately we are in a chicken and egg situation. We need the State of California to release event guidelines or allow a county variance to allow for gatherings. The problem is that events are not even a dropdown industry on the state’s industry list. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE!!!

In order for us to make substantial change we need to lobby at the local and state level

The funds raised here will go to support legal and lobbying efforts to get events reopened for California.  We have set-up a 501c6 to engage a lobbyist and have a lobbyist ready to fight for us at the local and state levels.  Every dollar raised will go directly to these efforts.  

We have a tiered approach where we are pushing to first allow events to take place under the currently approved guidelines (i.e. restaurants, religious ceremonies etc.) and then focus on opening larger events.


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